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Tips for Organizing Your Office Football Pool

Remember:  In a fair football pool, all of the money taken in should be exactly equal the amount of money that is paid to winners.  The organizer of the pool should never make a profit.

  • Always check with your boss before organizing a football pool at your workplace.  Be sure it is legal to run an office pool in your area.  Double check your income, prizes, and payments to check for fairness and accuracy.

  • All 100 squares on the grid must be filled.  If you cannot find enough people to puchase the squares, be prepared to buy them yourself.  If you have blank squares, invite your coworkers to buy extra squares for family members or encourage them to split the price of an extra square with another coworker.

  • Keep the money in a safe location.  Take it home with you at night and keep it on you at all times.

  • You can use the football pool digit cards on this website to draw numbers, or you can use playing cards.  Use numbers 2-9, Ace = 1, King = 10).  Some people prefer to write digits 0-9 on poker chips and draw them from a hat.

  • Be sure another coworker is present when you draw the numbers so they can witness it as a fair, random drawing. 

  • Give all participants a copy of your football pool sheet, after you have drawn numbers.

  • Have payments ready-to-go when you return to work, so you can pay winners right away.

Tips for organizing an office football pool - 100 squares pool
Important Disclaimer: Please Read

This website has been designed to provide information only.  We cannot be responsible for any miscalculations - on our part or on yours.  Please double and triple check your numbers (price, prizes, and payouts) to ensure that your pool is fair, accurate and legal.

If you organize or participate in football pools, do so at your own risk.